Top 5 Jokes of the Day

Stupid Joke

If you ever buy one of those knives off the shopping channel that can cut a tin can in half, don't test it out on a spray paint can. Been cleaning the kitchen for 6 months.
Well, the wife has.

Wordplay Joke

I fully endorse the roll out of the new 'Bullet Trains', which will run from Kent to London.
Personally, I believe dodging AK-47 shots should make the commute to work far less dull.

One Liners Joke

What does Britanny Murphy and most of my jokes on here have in common? They'll all get buried before christmas.

Professions Joke

I have a question for all you French who think no one should be allowed to wear a veil at work.
...what about bee keepers?

Wordplay Joke

I've found that Russians are quite volga.