Top 5 Jokes of the Day

Puns Joke

What's a Hindu?
Lays eggs.

Stupid Joke

I tell you what else makes me jump.

Food and Drinks Joke

I was at a church fair today and there was stall with lots of cakes on. I walked up to the stand and asked "how much are your cakes love"
the little lady across the table replied "one pound each dear."
"Can I have one of those cakes please" I asked whilst pointing to the one that I wanted.
"Thats will be two pounds" said the lady
confused, I asked the lady "why is that cake "two pounds when you said all the cakes were one pound"
well said the lady "thats Madeira cake."

Children Joke

My son decided he wanted to leave home this morning and when my wife got in from work she started blaming my drinking as usual. I said, " I know it was me that left the door open but he'll be back. He's got nursery tomorrow and he likes that"

Wordplay Joke

Welcome back to the world ironing championship where the drama is unfolding.