Top 5 Jokes of the Day

Food and Drinks Joke

Isn't it ironic when it's the price of onions that makes you cry?

Computers Technology Joke

PC world have just announced that due to a sudden rush of orders, F5 keys for PCs will be out of stock until mid july when the next shipment is due to arrive from China.

Social Networks Joke

Makes me laugh when lads leave creepy facebook comments on girls photos..IF you really wanna get in her knickers, don't say anything, just surprise a park

Family Joke

A young 12 year old girl is being tucked into bed by her mother .The mum say's "Now then Jenny if you pray really hard tonight your wish will come true tomorrow! " Jenny says "Ok mummy , " and off she goes to sleep. The next morning Jenny wakes up and screams " MUMMY! my wish hasn't come true !" "Why's that ?"replied mum "I wished that daddy wouldn't molest me , but he's here licking my privates ! " Mum rushes in and shouts "April fool!!" How they all laughed

Puns Joke

When the world's shortest woman landed at my local airport, I was centimetre.